Accessing Your Data from Any Web Browser

GroundOSJust want to share brief information about Open Source Cloud web application server. As the internet becoming global and universal, almost every city in the world has internet access and it enables people to access any information from internet. When I was browsing in the internet I found an interesting site. I always like everything in the internet especially if it bases on open source because it is free and I think that is what make open source develops well because many people use and support.

What if you can setup a GroundOS at home and on any web server, and then you can have a full access and control of your cloud, including all your documents like works, music, videos and web development code anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. You can also share the access to your cloud to other people.

The open source I found is GroundOS – Open Source Cloud. OS in GroundOS means open source. It means you can download it freely and use it. Cloud means giving up freedom over your own data in exchange for the ability to access the cloud from any web browser. With this GroundOS you can:
Play your video collection and music through web browser.
View, edit and create your document at home, or on the go in most web browser.
Instantly install thousands of new applications including games and more.

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