Advantages of Email Marketing

The email marketing campaign will help you to increase your sales conversion. Most of your visitors will not convert into sales on their first visit. When a visitor leaves the site, there is a 90% chance you’ve lost the sale. If you have his/her email address, you can monthly follow up them by emailing about your newsletter or information about your products. Provide other tips and information to your visitors to keep them stay on your mailing list.

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools to promote your products or services. It is very cheap to do an email campaign, compared to other campaign. The cost to send emails is very cheap.

The email marketing campaign will help you to generate repeat sales. Keep in touch with your customers by email to generate repeat sales could be more profitable than the initial purchase. A good email marketing campaign will increase the frequency of repeat purchases from existing customers.

The email marketing campaign will help you to gain feedback from your visitors, to improve your business. The feedback will help you to determine what products and services to provide, who to target, and what they are willing to pay.

Manage your email marketing campaign using email marketing software.

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