Albert Einstein Joke

albert einstein wigI always like jokes. I like to share it with my friends and family. I try to collect and memorize the good ones and I want to share it with you guys. When I was browsing like I usually do, an image caught my eyes. It was an image of Albert Einstein wigs. Well, Einstein is my favorite scientist and I suddenly remember a joke that I heard long time ago from my friend. Here we go.

Albert Einstein was a lecturer and he often invited to give speech in many seminars and classes. Everywhere he go, Einstein always be with his chauffeur (driver) who looked exactly like him by the way.

Because he often heard Albert Einstein’s seminars and speech, he remembered all the lecture of Einstein and he always knows almost all Einstein’s speech.

One day, Albert Einstein was so bored and tired of those occasions. Then he’s got an idea. He asked the chauffeur to replace him. Since the chauffeur already heard the speech so many times, he decided to take Einstein’s place while his boss sat back and relax at the back seat.

Of course the chauffeur did it well and he could even answer few questions from the audience. But suddenly a professor stood up and asked him a really difficult question which he couldn’t answer. Then the chauffeur said, “That question is so easy, and I will let my chauffeur to answer it.”

May this brighten your day.

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