Becoming an IT Professional

IT-girlBecoming a professional in every field you do is important. Like what I do right now is pursuing a career in information and technology field, or what’s so called IT. An IT professional must begin with a solid knowledge about personal computer, many basic applications, and ability to do troubleshoot using a logical explanation in fixing an error in computer system.

IT technicians have some different field or specialties. At least there are three specialties. They are IT technician, remote technician and Depot Technician sectors. All of them have their specific education. Joining a short training doesn’t guarantee you to become a professional technician.

IT technician position requires knowledge about hardware, software, and professionalism. Remote PC Technician requires ability to troubleshoot in Windows and Linux Operating System. A Depot Tech need the most knowledge about hardware.

Actually the best education suggests their students to work in the field as a trainee technician at least nine months. By doing this the students are expected to grasp the concept of troubleshooting in IT works.

For me today, a career as an IT technician is worth to pursue because of the employment opportunities. The opportunity is unlimited. Every business needs an IT professional to maintain the business technology.

Other than the opportunity, the reason why this career is worth pursuing for is because of the salary and potential earnings. The new entry technician, by standard can get around $11.00 per hour, or $25,000 per year. Some professional doesn’t work full time. My goal is getting a certification while working as a part time IT technician. Actually many people pay someone to install, maintain or just configure a computer system. Getting a good training from cbt planet and working on my certification might be a good choice for me. I can get extra money while getting more qualifications.

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