Benefits of Double Glazing

What are the benefits of double glazing? Double-glazing offers a level of safety and security that traditional windows can’t match. The¬† advantage that double glazing offers over traditional windows is insulation. You may need new construction to replace your windows as an energy saving measure. Double glazing keeps your house warmer. Well-made and well-fitted double glazing can reduce your heating bills.

Double-glazing will reduce heat loss through your windows by an estimated 10-12%. Double glazing will significantly reduce the costs of heating and cooling and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases.

A major reduction can be achieved in the level of noise entering your home.

Double glazing makes it more difficult for a thief  to break into your home. Make sure to choose windows with frames that can be securely locked from the inside. Check what type of locks and security features are being fitted to your windows. You may need to specify a higher class of locking system. Check whether the windows can be equipped with any special fire escape features.

The three main frame types of double glazing are PVCu, aluminum, and wood. PVCu frames are best at energy conservation. Aluminum frames are the sturdiest. The wooden frames are the most attractive in the view.

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