Blogging 101

blogging-basicRecently the use of internet is becoming more and more, and the increase is more like acceleration than a constant increase. People usually use internet now for social media like Facebook (which is currently booming incredibly), Friendster, MySpace, Hi5, and many other. Using those social media is the easiest way that many people do. Even moms, parents and those who don’t use computer often are familiar with those things.

The other thing that people do, which is fun, doesn’t require so much technical computer or internet knowledge is blogging. A blog is basically a web site, but different from any other old style website, a blog is like a diary where the owner can write something to be shared to otehr people. Blog is the short term for web log. Blogging is an act of maintaining a blog by posting articles and keeping it updated.

You can blog about anything. The most common people have is personal blog. A personal blog is a blog where the owner write anything he like in his blog. It could be something related to his hobby or just ideas, thought or anything. Basically it is like a diary.

A blog can be made as a business blog too. Many people already add a business in their blog. Adding affiliate programs to make sales is the basic thing to do. If you visit this blog about web hosting, you can see the information that might be helpful for the reader, but it also can create revenue for the blogger.

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