Choose Your Domain Name

Before you decide to buy a hosting service and start your online business or personal website or just a blog for your hobby, you need to choose a domain name. Selecting a domain name is somehow an easy thing to do but yet it is a crucial thing, so you need to be very careful in doing this. There a re some considerations in choosing a domain name.

The first thing you should begin with is the terms or phrases in mind that describe what website you are going to build. Keywords are very important in choosing a domain name. Think about with what keyword you website want to be found when people do an internet search. Making a list of many different keywords related to your website will help you in doing a brainstorming. Be creative in combining words, making phrases to find a good domain name.

A short domain name is somehow better because it is easy to remember. Short domain names are also less likely to be miss-spelt or mistyped. Do use dome domain name generator tools in the internet. There are many of them.

In order to make your keyword clear, you can consider using hyphenating words. Sometime domain name with hyphens are better if the domain name you want to register is not available.

At last, check the domain availability and register it.

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  1. Unfortunately, most good .COM domains are not available, so whois won;t help you much for .com. Best is to look into the aftermaket (try… that’s going to be more expensive obviously…

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