Choosing a First Car

For me, car is the number two of the most expensive purchase in my life that I want to buy. The number one is house. Well, I don’t own a house yet, but guess what, now I have enough money to buy a car. It has been a long thought before I decide to buy a car. Car is a thing that I need now. I ever own a car before but it was a gift from our parents in my marriage, and I am not proud to own that car but today, I want to buy my first own car.

There are some criteria that I make in looking for my first car. My first criteria I look for is the fuel efficiency. I will use the car often, so it will be nice if I don’t spend money too much for the fuel. Second, I want it to be able to move comfortably for city driving. Good engine power for quick movement is important for me.

I don’t need a big van for big number of family member, so a car like ford mustang seem to be more suitable for me than SUV. The other important criteria is pf course the price.

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