Choosing a Suitable Web Hosting Plan

effi-webhostlunarHello internet marketer! Recently I just experienced a bad experience with a web hosting company. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen to you. Here is just some information for you about finding a web hosting plan that suitable for you. Not all people need the same web hosting plan, so choose one that suitable for you the most. I make few points that can help you to move in the right direction to find out which one is the best for you.

Basically there are three kinds of web hosting services out there. The first one is free web hosting. You can save your money by using this kind of services, but usually they have limitation in their services like small bandwidth, small space to host files and there are some limitation in different area. Some free web hosting services are also put ads on your websites.

Shared web hosting can be the choice number 2 if you want. There still limitation in shared Web-Hosting because they use single web server for multiple customer. This is the most common web hosting plan that people use.

Dedicated web hosting is a web hosting plan that customer do not share with anyone but leases an entire server. Customer has a full control over the server including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.

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