Choosing and Wearing a Long Dress

long-dressSo you really loved the A.B.S. dress. Here are some tips about choosing and wearing long dress.

Whether you are sitting down or standing up, make sure that the hem of the dress will not be stepped on. Make sure the hem of the dress hits just above the heel so the outfit will not drag along the floor. The skirt of a long dress should be taken by hands, and slightly raised up while you are sitting down and standing up, and it should be straightened afterwards. The skirt of a long dress should not be cleaning the floor. It should not cover completely your shoes or your sandals. Also remember to raise your skirt on the stairway.

Your long dress should be appropriate for your body type. Try different type of long dresses before you buy them. Buy long dresses that have a flexible type of fabric so it can accommodate your type of body.

For an evening event, requires a dress to be either long or short. A long dress for an evening event should be combined with jewelry, makeup, high heels, a purse, shoes and other accessories. Just remember that if you are wearing a long dress, it’s going to be the focus of your entire outfit. So keep your accessories simple and appropriate.

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