Choosing Wine Racks

wine racks
wine racks

Wine racks carry bottles securely in a horizontal position, in as dense an arrangement as possible. Wine racks vary in shape, size, color and design. They use the simplicity, elegance, and beauty designs which will fit in any room. Wine racks can be individual cells of timber, steel, or plastic, simple shelving or diamond-shaped bins. Below is some tips on choosing wine racks for your home.

Before buying wine rack, it is important to decide its functionality. If you just need wine rack to store a few bottles of wine, a hanging wine rack would be the best choice. If you need a wine rack to store many bottles of wine, then a large standing wine rack is better.

Consider the space available for your wine rack. If you have a small apartment, a hanging wine rack is better. Hanging wine racks is usually have artistic design, and not too expensive, but they hold only around eight bottles. Bins carrying 12 or 24 bottles are ideal when large numbers of the same wine are being stored. If you have a big area, you can choose a standing wine rack.

When choosing Wine Racks, use single depth racking. More than two depths racking make you hard to find and reach the wines behind.

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