Designing Your Storefront Window

retail-design-ukWhen designing your storefront window, there are two concepts you have to remember: recognition and enticement. The concept of recognition is broken down into three aspects: name, logo, and other information (namely address, and store hours). This information should be blending together to form your storefront. This is important to make a first impression to your customer. Your front window or door, should have your business name and logo large enough to be seen clearly from the opposite side of the road. Use your windows to give customers a peek at what’s inside your store, for example, best selling products. You can also hang items from the top of the window. Just make it attractive, simple, natural, and beautiful. Make your window change with the seasons or other special events. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Show your creativity. This will draw attention to your store.

Retail design is a creative discipline that combines the different design together in the conceptualizing and construction of retail space, and primarily a specialized practice of architecture and interior design. The main purpose of retail design is designing a space that promotes an enjoyable shopping experience for the customer. The retail space should be designed to draw people to the space to shop.

Retail Design UK specializes in the design, fit out and refurbishment of interior projects in the UK and overseas.

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