Dress Cleaning Tips

dressDress normally cleaned by dry cleaners to maintain their look and feel. It is wise to clean the dress and store it correctly.

Blot up any loose material or excess liquid before beginning stain removal.

Consider to dry clean your dress soon after use. Always have the dress dry cleaned prior to storage, even if the dress looks clean. Be sure you take it to a dry cleaner who has experience in cleaning wedding dresses.

Labels are important to the professional dry cleaner. Keep your labels so you can supply the dry cleaner with the necessary information.

If you are sure that your dress is safe to wash, you can clean your dress yourself. You can iron the dress yourself and store it in acid free paper.

Do not leave your dress in the plastic from the dry cleaners.
If you are having your dress boxed, be sure to store it in an acid free box and any tissue paper you wrap it in is acid free. Don’t use plastic storage boxes. They are not suited to long term storage.
Do not store your dress in an area which is prone to high humidity or damp.
Make sure it is stored away from sunlight and artificial light.

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