Fashion Designer

helmut langJust recently, I got news from a friend that she has just finish her fashion school and became a fashion designer. Fashion designing mainly associated with clothes, accessory and jewelry sometime. Personally, like a common women I love clothes and I enjoy seeing, wearing, buying clothes and also dressed up for special occasion. But being a fashion designer is a new thought for me. Actually around my neighborhood I can name few people who at least try to start their career as a fashion designer. A lot of youngster now are choosing short course instead of going to university. Fashion designer course is one of the alternatives to do so.

I did want to take a fashion designer course few years ago when I was still single. It seems that now the fashion industry has become a large industry, and that sector has lot to offer. In here there are some fashion design course opening recently. Various fashion weeks are being organized, and a lot of new designer arise with their creative collections.

I am now just like to go to boutiques and come to local fashion events just to enjoy them as art and hobby. One of my favorite is Helmut Lang tank. Helmut Lang is one of my favorite designer.

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