Frustrating Moving House

moving houseMoving house can be the most stressful and unsettling experience. It happened to my friend few times when she had to move from her old house to a new one. The stress become more if the new place (new house) you are going to move into is smaller than the old one. Imagine you have to reorganize all your stuff to a smaller place.

I have a friend who works for a Moving Company. A moving company is a company which has a service of helping people moving to a new house. There are lots of things to be done from the preparation until dealing with transportation to the new house.

I was helping my friend in the preparation of moving her house to another place. Actually the new house was far out of town. It was very frustrating for her because even though the old house was small but the belonging of my friend was piled up. O never thought that she has got that so much stuffs stored in her small house.

I asked her to have their belonging that she doesn’t need it so much to sell in a garage sale. She agreed and we held a garage sale. Many of them were sold with good price. It does help so much.

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