Guides of Buying WOW Accounts

cheap-wow-accountIf you love MMORPG games, you should know that sometimes you need equipment and other items to finish the job. Currently there are lot of sellers who offer the purchase of cheap wow accounts. This way, you can get what you need in short time. It is highly recommended to be careful as this transaction will spend your real money. Get the right information before buying wow accounts.
Spend time browsing the internet to make sure that you will get a reputable account retailer. The easiest thing to do is asking the phone number of the seller. This way is also to avoid getting scammed. Most scammers are refuse to give you their telephone number.
You should spend time to check the prices. Make sure that you will get reasonable price. When sending the payment, avoid to pay via mail or western union. If you have to pay via PayPal, send the money only to verified users. You should confirm that they deal with you through verified accounts.
Make sure that your account has a lifetime guarantee and protected from reclaimed or disabled after purchased.
Make sure that you have 24/7 customer support.
Meet the character in the game before you make any transactions. Do not accept character sheets as the sole proof of account existence.

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