How To Choose Good Web Host

web hostingIt is hard to find perfect web hosting company. The high price does not guarantee that the quality is good. It is important to choose the right web host company, or all your hard work will be wasted.

The web host must be reliable and fast. The minimum uptime should be 99%. Don’t believe any web host that advertises the unlimited transfer and unlimited bandwidth; you have to recheck it first.

What about the technical support? Does it really function 24/7? Make sure you’ll get technical support during the hours you are most likely to need it. To prove it, you can test them out by sending email and check out their average response time. Avoid the host that has poor reputation customer service.

What about the other features? Check to see whether the facilities you’ll need are provided. Do you allow to install PHP scripts or CGI scripts? Will you get email at your own domain, Mail Forwarding, Autoresponders, and POP3?

If you have friends who also use their service, you can visit their sites to see how quickly the pages load. Ask their opinion about the hosting company. You may search information from the internet or join mailing list for honest reviews. You should find real reviews from people who use the Web Hosting company.

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