How to Deal with Virus

browsing savely with free antivirus
When I was the first time using the computer and heard about virus, I was confused about it. I couldn’t understand how viruses infect a computer. Of course that time I was thinking about biological virus, a microscopic organism which can reproduce them self inside of the body of a host who are infected. Of course the computer virus is different with biological virus. Computer virus is computer software which can infect by copying itself into a computer without permission. Of course it is annoying because some viruses can do damage to a computer.

I have been dealing with computer viruses for so long. I like to format and clean my computer and start from the beginning when I infected. That move is very effective but it yet inefficient. Installing a computer from beginning requires time and also very tiring. You can not work during that time and it is also frustrating.

I don’t like to install antivirus software personally because the software itself can slow down my computer. The other reason why I don’t like to install antivirus software is because usually the good one cost some money, and if I choose the really good one, it’s expensive. Right now, I still search for Free Antivirus which is powerful and doesn’t slow down my computer either.

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