How to Monitor our Server Downtime

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One thing that many people rarely think about if they have businesses on the internet is monitoring the server uptime. Back to the first time I did the internet business, I never thought about the server uptime. I always worried about website design and layout, script I was using and e-commerce or online store script I was using and also gaining traffic both from campaign and search engine optimization.

Actually I was forgetting about one crucial thing, thus my server uptime. No matter how good the design and script I am using and no matter how high the search engine result position my website get, and even worse no matter how much money I spend for campaigns, it will be useless if the server is down.

It is a fact that a website downtime can destroy the business credibility. It wastes time and money. Imagine the money you spend for PPC campaign if your website is down. Therefore a ping monitoring service is needed. It monitors the downtime of the server. Further more there are service like this offered in the internet that also can do more such as hacker detection, alert and notification, email monitoring and PPC campaign pausing. It gives complete report about everything on the website that being monitored.

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