IT Professional Career

Even though many people now are using computer and internet to help them doing their job or whatever they do, and even many of them are using computer and master some particular software because of their many years of experience, maybe not many people know how a PC can be fixed remotely, or even how the computer technicians can fix the error that happens to your computer. The knowledge of an IT technician is learned through a long experience in the field by resolving many cases.

It is an interesting career for me to try to become an IT technician. Looking at the opportunity, IT is the field that will always be required in every company. Big factory, small business, even a home industry could need an IT division for their work. It doesn’t have to be a company or factory that has a direct relation with computer, but almost all companies in every field has IT division, and everyday they develop constantly.

To be a professional IT person, of course you are not just learning individually and be someone’s assistant for few years. It will take too long while the result will be really depend on yourself. There is a formal education needs to be taken in order to get a certain certification. For a big company, a formal education seems to be a must, while for medium sized companies, formal education can be considerable.

The best move if you want to pursue a career as an IT technician is by joining a training class, and try to choose where you can get a legal certification. One IT training provider that is recommended is cbt planet. It is an IT training provider with large variety of selections. The method of education are also various from self paced video training, onsite training for a company, individual training, distance learning and many other.

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