Learning by Yourself

Learning is the process that never stops. As an entrepreneur who works as a part time employee too, learning is a must for me. It is not because I like to learn or study a new thing, but it’s because the technology is advancing. For me as an entrepreneur, I have to follow this advancing technology. Hearing news about what is hot recently, and keep updated about the latest news related to my work. Well, I am a blogger, and I also a learning graphic designer. As a graphic designer I need to continuing learning about graphic software which can help me doing my job better. I do not consider myself an expert as an Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw user even though I have known them for many years.

When I was in university, I didn’t study graphic design, but I learned graphic design by myself. I could have taken a course or a graphic design class, or even a degree to master my subject, but I didn’t. Actually I wanted to but I don’t have the time because most of my time is for my work and family.

How I learn to master new things especially graphic design software is by using tutorials, reading other people blogs or official websites, and even using computer training software.

One thing that I like about learning this day is, whenever you have a will there always be a way. Internet provides all you need. Actually not only graphic design field can be leaned online or using software. You can find a lot more thing you never thought before. I like to learn online. For me, whatever I want to learn, I better learn it online. There are a lot of training program out there, even you can find them which are free. And the free stuffs don’t always a crap or second grade material.

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