Making A Better Bathroom

Some of my friends now are in the stage where they are about to look for a house. Most of them are looking for their first house. Most of them are buying houses or build them with the budget they have. One of what I want about having my own house is the bathroom. I want a comfortable bathroom because for me, bathroom is not just a place to take a bath, but also a place to have a relaxation after having a full tiring day at work.

I don’t plan to have a big bathroom with luxurious things because I can not afford it yet, but it is important for me if the bathroom is just in the right size and comfortable. The comfortable bathroom for me is the one which has a natural touch like some plants or a little bit dry garden in it. It is also important to put a wide opening in the bathroom to add some outdoor environment.

Planning a comfortable bathroom might not be easy and it also not the same for everyone. But with a lot of input and by looking for a new design, we can know better what we want. I also got many inspirations from Like the name of the site, it brings inspirations to make better bathrooms.

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