Me and Web Hosting Service (Part 2)

web hosting server error 500After a pretty long thought I decided to change my web host to a reliable company which has a good service and reasonable price. Finding a web host for my website is actually not difficult. There are many web hosting company out there offering their services all with their own uniqueness and advantage of their offer.

I have a bad experience with my old web hosting. Like I mentioned in my previous post, after I hosted my blog in a free hosting service and I decided to move to a paid one, I just pick one web hosting company that my friend recommended. It was very cheap because my friend was like a reseller and decided to give all of the discounts for me. He took nothing from it.

After enjoying my paid hosting for quite a long time, I felt comfortable there and thought that I would never move from this company. I even paid the extension after one year when my hosting was expiring.

Just recently, may be because of my online business has grown bigger and I’ve got a lot of visitors, the down time of my server is increasing significantly. It was because the load of the server, that is what the technical support said to me and there was nothing they could do. Hmm… so sad.

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