Me and Web Hosting Service (Part 3)

webhosting serviceThis is my third article about me and web hosting services and this time at the end of post I will also give recommendation of few web hosting services. After experiencing too much trouble with my old company where I host my websites, I decided to look for a new one.

Basically there are some main things that need to be considered in choosing this service. Now for me, the uptime is the most important thing. There is none of web hosting company give guarantee for 100% uptime. It there is, I will surely say that it is a lie, and you should not believe them. Actually those with uptime guarantee 100% are those which you should avoid.

The second important thing for me is the customer support. I choose a web host with a life chat support, not only email. If necessary a phone line support will be good.

Price is always a factor, but I put it on the third place. There are some web hosting services with good and reliable service with a cheap price. Here are they like what wpdesigner blog recommends:,,, InMotion,com and

Hopefully this article is helpful enough for you to choose the best web hosting for your websites.

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