Me and Web Hosting Services (part 4)

the worldTalking about web hosting, actually there is still a higher level of hosting type if you want instead of shared hosting. I have been talking a lot about web hosting services and it was all about shared hosting. Actually if you want more control of your hosting there is another choice instead of shared hosting. We can get a better authorization without compromising on the inferior performance of shared hosting by using what called VPS Hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) can bring you more flexibility. VPS hosting offers several counterparts of the dedicated server, and each of them functioning for a particular machine. If you know technical things about web hosting server, Virtual Private Server has a Control Panel inbuilt that permits access to your server right from the GUI itself.

With a VPS hosting it means you have your own virtual machine for you’re your hosting. With shared hosting you are limited for installing scripts in your hosting. Some script can make heavy loads for you server. Of course with shared hosting it will be banned by your hosting company because it means you also make another customer affected by doing so.

Virtual Private Server doesn’t share with other. It means you can have a full access and install whatever you want in your hosting server. It also means that you can make your own shared hosting and resell it to somebody else.

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