Me and Web Hosting Services

web development web hostingWhen I was the first time blogging, I remember I started it with a free web hosting. The best way to start I think, I always recommend my friends who are new to blog. There are many free Web hosting services out there if you are willing to search in the internet, all with their own terms and conditions.

Of course when we begin to grow, especially if we choose to focus on our online business, a reliable web hosting service is a need. I started to buy a web hosting service which was I consider cheap because that time for me as a newbie, price is a main factor in choosing a web hosting service. I know beside prize there were other things we need to consider in choosing the web hosting service, but that time the other factors were not that important for me.

Now I have to experience some trouble with my web hosting service. Too much down time in my server and it drops my visitors dramatically. Now I realize that things to consider in choosing web hosting service are not only about finding the cheapest price. Actually cheap webhost with good service is not hard to find. Many web hosting service companies have good service, complete feature and they also have reasonable prices. I am Effi Haryanti, may this personal experience be helpful for you.

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