Meditation and Relaxation

meditation yogaPeople say that meditation is good for health and helping people to focus and relaxed. I believe that. Recently I had an opportunity to meet a friend who I can say that she is an expert in doing a meditation. She explained that meditation is a conscious mental state where our body and mind are purposefully focused and relaxed. Meditation also helps people to have a better focus, sharper concentration, and increased awareness, plus a healthier positive outlook. She has a meditation and yoga class that I was invited to join.

Although it has many different disciplines and approaches, the basic are the same. In our class, the main focus in doing yoga meditation is getting rid of negative, wandering, and obstructive thoughts by disciplining the mind to become accustomed to a higher plane of activity. Meditation seeks to get rid of the the ‘flak’ and ‘junk’ that fills your mind, replacing it with more meaningful ideas and thoughts.

Some use different tools in their meditation. One of the unique tools that I know is singing bowl. The sound of the ‘singing bowl’ can give a certain effect that helps in the meditation. The vibration of this tool can make the feelings start to flow in unexpected paths and the sound has the ability to bring about unforeseen inner transformations. It is almost the same with Gongs that the Tibetan Buddhist uses for their meditation.

Overall I enjoy the class, but I don’t want to do it often. I just like to join sometime for fun. The relaxation was really good for helping me when I got stressed with daily routine activities.

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