Michelle Obama a Trend Setter in Fashion Industry

Michelle Obama, the first lady of United States is not only famous because of her position as the first lady, a wife of the forty fourth United State of America president. Despite of her education and her activity in formal national events but she is also a fashion trend setter. As a designer Norma Kamali when interviewed by ABCNews told that Michelle Obama is expected to be a savior in fashion industry.

According to NBC, what makes Michelle Obama’s fashion choice popular is because they are wearable and exciting. AOL Beauty & Style also recorded that in Jay Leno special, Michelle talked about her husband Barrack’s ailing grandmother, Toots, and her daughter’s lack of awe. But the big news was her stylish cherry yellow ensemble.

Michelle’ style in dressing her fashion is studied since her inauguration as the First Lady. One icon that really made as an icon of Michelle Obama’s fashion is her toy watch. Micelle’s shoes are also tasteful but stylish neutral like. The Italian patent leather heels have amazing color. The skirt with a metallic color silk is also fabulous when Michelle wears. Michelle could be a saver of fashion industry and make people to buy more.

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