My Way to Relaxation

I am a person who enjoys life, keep my body healthy and always try to fill with positive things to my self. Recently I joined my friend to a yoga class. For me, this is my first experience doing this thing. I never join or learn about yoga before. The aim of this yoga class is to improve health by doing exercises that allow us to keep the balance of every mechanism working in our body. This can be achieved through working out in two things, posing and breathing.

In our yoga class we learn many kinds of poses. The first time, I started with the easiest corpse pose which just by lying on the floor. The difficult poses can take years to practice, but it is recommended to learn poses that comfortable for us and the most important is relaxing.

Breathing is another aspect in yoga. Controlling the breath can help people to control the body and gain control also to the mind.

There is also another item that helps us to do relaxation which is called Crystal Singing Bowls that my friend showed it to me. It is an item from Tibet which can make relaxing sound that help to concentrate and bring relaxation during the exercise or meditation.

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