Printer Problem

effi and her printer
For someone that works in an office with computer everyday like me, computer is the primary thing to have and to work with. Do you know what the second important thing in work? The answer may be is the printer. It is very annoying if there is a problem with the printer. It is like the work of few hours is useless. Like last time I have a problem with my printer. It is an old printer which usually works well. Suddenly it has a poor print quality. It looked faded and the ink was not consistent in color. The most logical explanation is I need a replacement of the cartridge.

I never use the original cartridge due to the economy reason. I always use a compatible ink or the cheap refillable cartridge. Looking for cheap HP Ink Cartridges is very difficult. All the original ink cartridges are usually expensive.

The other problem of my printer is usually happen with the paper feeder. The paper sometime sticks together and it causes the print result is not printed properly. According to the printer troubleshooting forum, the solution if this one is pulling the paper out of the bin, use your fingers to fan it out and separate all the pages, and then put the paper back into the slot or bin.

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