Sport Related Site

effi-sport ralated site
As an internet marketing I always have to do research about any topic in the internet. No matter the topic, a true internet marketer has to be able to do research about anything and make a website that can generate sales related to the topic. Well, here is the step I usually do.

Do a research and find the keyword I want to target, that is the first thing I do. Keyword research can be done easily without using fancy and expensive tool. Just use Google keyword tool external.

After finishing the keyword list, I usually think about what can be sold from the website I’m going to make. Is it product, leads or just paid per click advertising. This step can be decided even before the keyword research.

The next step is launching the attack. Create the site from buying a domain name, preparing the hosting and making a necessary article. Getting traffic can be done in two ways, using campaign and SEO. That is what I need to plan before.

Recently I was preparing a sport related site for my next project. The website is about sportsbook and game day munchies, I need to study them. I also have to deal with Football schedule, the things I barely understand.

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