Stock Market Game – Not Just For Fun

stock-market-gameThere are many people these days investing and making money in the stock markets all over the world.

The Stock Market Game is a fun and informative simulation game that provide the information and framework for you. It costs you nothing to sign up and play. You don’t have to invest real money to become an experienced Stock Market investor. The game teaches you how to manage your money. The Stock Market Game requires you to understand what stock prices mean and how to spend your artificial money wisely over certain period. You can learn about what the Stock Market is and how the Stock Market works. You can learn about how to invest in the world stock markets, in equities, and in money markets and the most important is to improve your investing skills.

With the Stock Market game, you can compete with your friends and family via your Buddy List. You can enjoy real-time stock trading and market data feeds, and a real-time leader board ranks your portfolio’s performance in the game.

For beginners, Starter Stock Portfolios allow you to choose a basket of stocks with a couple of clicks, and learn the ins and outs of trading without risk. For advanced traders, you can test novel and risky investment strategies.

Enjoy thousands of happy fantasy stock traders at Fantasy Stock Market Game.

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