Things You Should Not Forget Before Leaving Your House for Holiday

Not long ago, we just had a long national holiday and many people in this city are going back to their hometown. It is common in every year, during the holiday people leave their house empty for vacation or homecoming. This usually the perfect time for burglars to break into someone house and do some action. Here are some tips to prevent house burglary.

Leave some shoes and sandals in front of your front door. The shoes in front of the door will intimidate people and make them think that the house is not empty.

Before you leave the house, make sure all doors and windows are locked. Sometime you have doors or windows lock that are not working properly. Fix them before you leave.

Pay attention to your home lighting. Turning off all the lamps will make the burglars easily notice that the house is empty. As well as keeping the light on all days. There is a type of house lamp with sensor, which can automatically turn on during the night and off during the day. That will be the best.

If possible, install a home security system. There are lots of home alarm systems in the market now. There are many of them which are cheap and affordable. But if you don’t want to use them, you can also put a sticker that says “This house is protected by so and so security system” on your door or window even though you don’t have alarm system.

Don’t forget to leave your house to someone that is not go out of town during the holiday. It could be a security guard in your complex, your neighbor or family.

Have a nice holiday.

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