Top Web Hosting Services (part 2)

top web hosting according to Effi Haryanti

Continuing my previous post about web hosting review, below here are more recommendations for you. This is actually the next best web hosting services after the previous three.

InMotion web hosting comes in number four. It is an employee owned and operated company that already in this business since 2001, so it has been a long time and well experienced in the field. It has unlimited bandwidth and disk space as well, but it only allow you to host 6 domain at maximum. MySQL database also limited only 25. Despite of the limited service compared to another companies, InMotion web hosting service has the best equipment. Their new server specification can make you blown away. It’s really the best.

HostClear comes with a competitive price among the other. The price is only $5.95 per month. HostClear also has unlimited disk space and bandwidth, also hosts unlimited number of domains. The limitation they give is for MySQL database. It’s 25. The strength of HostClear is not the price, although they give competitive enough for price. They offer many incentives inside the control panel, like over $200 value of advertising credit from Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The rating of every services of web hosting company is changing every time. Those rating I gave are based on my experience, internet reviews like, forums, and also from user interviews.

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