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top three web hosting services according to effi haryanti

After being a blogger and a web developer I want to give you a recommendation if you are looking for a web hosting service right now. As online business people, web hosting service is a crucial thing. It is like a soul in every online business we have. Without a support of good service from web hosting company, an online business will die.

Here are some recommendations for this month.
Justhost is in number one position with 98% score. It has all unlimited services (unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosted, and unlimited mySQL database) for the cheapest price. The best part of this hosting service that the other doesn’t have is its money back guarantee service. While other only have limited time money back guarantee, Justhost gives a lifetime money back guarantee.

At the second place, Hostmonster comes with the fastest growing hosting service. Personally, I also use this company’s service to host some of my domains. Hostmonster also has unlimited services for domain, bandwidth, disk space and MySQL databases.

Bluehost is the third best this month. This hosting company has the best customer support. BlueHost offer pretty much the same package as their competition but slightly more expensive at the moment. $6.95 month with free domain and setup still isn’t bad for a well respected host.

Hopefully this top three web hosting reviews helps you to decide.

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