What Car Do You Dream

This time I give you downloadable wallpaper for you who like Hyundai Tucson car like I do. Everybody always have a dream car. For me right now, I am falling in love with Hyundai car. Of course it is not like a teenager who fall in love with her famous movie star idol. For me it is more like something that really inspire me. I set a target that I must achieve. For me, a dream is not just something you want and it doesn’t matter that I will get it someday or not. If I have a dream it means I set a target, and it should inspire me to formulate a definite goal.

What important to me is not by being the first one to achieve it, but it is more important to do the best in order to complete the race. On the year 2010, I plan to change my car with a new Hyundai Tucson. I like Hyundai car because they are usually economic in fuel and it is comfortable enough for me. It is perfect for a family car, for a small family like I have now.

Now here it is my plan about how to pursue my dream. My goal is to buy my favorite car hyundai, in 2010 replacing my old car. It is consider achievable for me because I think it is not too expensive. Taking a part time job and add additional earnings by working at home.

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