Working in a Collaboration

working together in collaboration
By luck, I was recruited in a project of a company where my friend works. It is an interesting project for me because I was never been hired as a freelancer by company which is located in another part of the globe. This company hired me as one of the freelance graphic designers. I was working in a team with another people with different discipline. It is quite interesting since I used to work alone. Collaborating with other people who I never see them before seems to be something new to me. I never see them in person, but only see their works.

The people I worked with are photographers, programmer and system analyst. We communicate through emails, messengers and also conference software sometime. Working separately sometime is giving another benefit since the web doesn’t look exactly the same when it viewed from different country.

We work with large files and do a lot of data transfers, so in doing that, we use a cloud computing system. Cloud computing is a system that used for working collaboratively where different people can access data and working on it where other people also do their job separately. The file sharing software we use also different. It enables us to share large files easily.

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